WHAT I DO The greatest asset that you can have as a designer is openness and a healthy human understanding. Solutions should not create problems, but solve them. Of course, things have to look beautiful, but first and foremost it is, that things work well. As a UX designer I try to live these values and to practice them. Before we can shape the solutions of tomorrow, we must first try to understand by what and how the world of tomorrow will be defined. "Never fall in love with an idea. They’re whores. If the one you’re with isn’t doing the job, there’s always, always, always another." Chip Kidd



In this category you will find a selection of projects developed during my studies. For reasons of secrecy, unfortunately, I can not present any work from my time at Daimler AG.


If my projects meet your interest, I look forward to feedback or a lively exchange with you any time. Aslo feel free and write me!


Mail to: florian.staib@web.de


– Simple lighting control in a smart home environment


Cooperation in the 6th semester of the bachelor studies "Interaction Design" with the Bosch IoT Lab in St. Gallen


Comfy is a project that was created in the 6th semester in cooperation with the Bosch IoT Lab and the University of St. Gallen. It would be about developing an app that, in combination with a smart light bulb, allows to upgrade any conventional lamp in his home (similar to Philips Hue).

Simplicity was clearly in the foreground of the development. The added value for the customer was that the light bulb has an integrated motion sensor, which is intended to show movements in your own four walls and thus serve as an alarm system.


– Music visualization under the pattern of the behavior "natural movements"


Work from the 2nd semester of my bachelor studies "Interaction Design"


Metrix Mesh deals with the themes of visual design and organic behavioral pattern from the nature. The basic principle of the movement are muscles and springs.


The surface is intended to show how even a small muscle movement can affect a large surface, with different structures.



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