COMFY – Simple lighting control in a smart home environment Cooperation in the 6th semester of the bachelor studies "Interaction Design" with the Bosch IoT Lab and the University in St. Gallen Comfy is a project that was created in the 6th semester in cooperation with the Bosch IoT Lab and the University of St. Gallen.

How do you feel most comfortable? Would you bathe your living room in traditional white light? Or do you prefer individual light accents in warm shades?


No matter whether you wish to create a relaxed atmosphere for reading or dimmed security night-time lighting in the hallway: designing the right lighting system couldn't be easier with the comfy light solution. Once installed, the lighting in your home is regulated automatically. And of course, you can make changes as you like – very easily, at the push of a button.


The project is about developing an app that, in combination with a smart light bulb, allows to upgrade any conventional lamp in his home (similar to Philips Hue).

Simplicity was clearly in the foreground of the development. The added value for the customer was that the light bulb has an integrated motion sensor, which is intended to show movements in your own four walls and thus serve as an alarm system.

The project was supported by: