– The role of the designer in the 21st century.


Final thesis of my master studies "Strategic Design"


Problem position: In addition to the increasingly complex demands that a global world entails, increasing resource scarcity and the destruction of ecosystems are considered key challenges.

We are at a point of profound social and economic change. The lasting negative effects of the last century show that many of our systems will not be sustainable in the future. Due to increasing complexity and acceleration, as well as the destruction of our ecosystem, a rethinking in society and the economy is inevitable. Design, in interaction with other disciplines, can influence behaviors, patterns of behavior and thought processes, thereby initiating a positive change towards a desirable future.


The work Design (Re) Thinking - The role of the designer in the 21st century <examines the future requirements of designers in the context of the current social and economic change in Germany. It shows how economically, ecologically and socially sustainable, responsible action looks and can be established on a broad basis.


The result is a newly developed design approach - the Beyond Design - which shows how designers can act within the new requirements, what options they have and what skills and competencies will be relevant in the future in order to be able to sustainably and positively influence change.

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