METRIX MESH – Music visualization under the pattern of the behavior "natural movements" Work from the 2nd semester of my bachelor studies "Interaction Design"

The name VJ derives from  the DJ, the disc jockey, and stands for Visual Jockey. This expression was coined by video artists of the New York club Peppermint Loungein in the late 1970s.


A VJ combines pre-made or live video with music or sound. These "live visuals" products he makes with digital projectors on screens,

Screens or less conventional projection screens such as cloths or objects visible to an audience. He mixes, creates and alienates video material, creating a rhythmic montage. Here, a symbiosis of music and moving image is sought:


It's about achieving a synergetic effect of sound and video. Here, improvisation plays an important role in which the audience, VJ and DJ influence each other. Although VJing has much in common with audiovisual predecessors such as the light show or the performances of the Expanded Cinema movement, it extends them through the use of digital production processes.

In addition, VJing is an international phenomenon that can be found in almost every country with an electronic club culture. This project has attempted to take on these characteristics and place them in a context where natural muscle movement plays a major role.


Metrix Mesh deals with the themes of visual design and organic behavioral pattern from the nature. The basic principle of the movement are muscles and springs.


The surface is intended to show how even a small muscle movement can affect a large surface, with different structures.

The project was supported by: