ONE – Save and retrieve data Final thesis of my bachelor studies "Interaction Design" One is a simple home data storage solution that automatically synchronizes all data residing on digital devices on the network.

One is a simple storage solution for the home. All data on the devices in the network will be synchronized automatically. One consists of three parts: a base station, a hard disk and a disk mirroring. The modules can be expanded and placed in different locations. With the base station, data from external devices can be transferred to the system through a USB port. Due to the different security needs, the data is automatically mirrored either at home or on an external server.


In order to find our way around the data volume better, we designed a software with full-text search and filtering with keywords. An interactive map and timeline help users find their files intuitively and quickly. Once they've found one or more files, they can preview them, share them with others, send them to a device or collection, or create a new collection, playlist, or album. Mobile access to the hard drive is also possible with our smartphone and tablet app in the same way.

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